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“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health… Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.” Jim Rohn




Protect Your Business

Small businesses dominate our industries – 70% of NZ enterprises have zero employees!  As such, the key to business success rests solely on one person – you.

As the owner of a small business, there can be a lot at stake if something happens to you. Unlike a larger company, you don’t have the infrastructure or people to keep your business going. And as much as you might like to think someone could step in to do your job at short notice, the reality is that’s rarely possible.

It’s likely you have invested a lot in your business – your time, expertise and money. Personal assets may also be on the line (e.g. personal guarantees) so not only is your hard-earned business at risk if you can’t work, your personal wealth may be attacked by creditors too.

The solution is Business Risk Planning which is essential to solving three key problems:

  1. How do you keep your business running if something happens to you?
  2. How do you protect the income you generate through your business so you can maintain your current lifestyle?
  3. What is the best way to wind your business down (if required) and deal with any creditors and debts so that your own assets are protected?

But the first step is understanding just how big (or small) the problem is for you and your business.


Protect Your Retirement

Most small business owners view their business as a future retirement nest egg – when the time is right, selling should provide you with a capital sum to fund your retirement needs. However, nearly half have no exit plan at all. So come sale time, it’s a shock to discover that what you thought was a saleable asset is not what buyers are looking for. This means you either have to sell for less than you expected, or worse, you can’t find a buyer at all.

The solution is Succession Planning. A well thought out exit strategy solves the key issues of:

  1. What are your long term goals for your business and retirement? (Selling isn’t the only option).
  2. How do you ensure your business is either ready for sale or is capable of carrying on without you?

Succession planning is a long term process, so it pays to start as soon as you can. During this one-hour seminar you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the key Human Capital Risks you face.
  • Gain an insight into what the real financial impact would be for you so you can better assess the level of risk you face.
  • Learn about the succession planning process and why it’s never too soon for you to start.
  • Become aware of how Sam Kodi can work with you to put strategies in place to manage your exposures and protect your future retirement.


  • Gathering starts at 8:15 am,  departure time is 10:00 am
  • The seminar will start promptly at 8:30 am and will be followed by morning tea
  • Venue is at 315A Pakuranga Road, Pakuranga (corner of Pakuranga Road and Gossamer Drive)
  • Entrance and parking from Gossamer Drive

Presented by:

Cecilia Farrow ran her own business risk advisory practice for many years before founding TripleJump Group Holdings Ltd, a software development company specialising in systems and processes to support large financial advisory organisations provide business protection advice and insurance solutions to small business clients.

As a well-known industry specialist and speaker, Cecilia has consulted to many of the major insurance companies with a specific focus on the business risk sector. She is also a former director of the Institute of Financial Advisers.

Carol Peters spent 16 years as a litigation lawyer before a career change saw her briefly become a business studies teacher.  Unintentionally, Carol became a business consultant in 2012 as business owners sought her out for help and advice. She now operates her own independent consultancy, Loyalist.

Carol specialises in customer-centric business strategy designed to help business owners develop trusting and satisfying relationships with their customers, create sustainable advantage and increase businesses’ long term financial value. She is delighted to have swapped presenting at legal conferences to speaking with business owners.

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