Retirement Planning

If you do a quick research, there are a lot of results claiming that you need a specific amount of money in order to retire comfortably. However, everyone is different and have varying needs.

What we will help you figure out is identifying your personal goals. Figure out what your goals are, and the figures you need will become clearer. We will work out a plan to make some lifestyle choices. It makes a huge difference to how much money you’re going to need to survive retirement. Together with other factors like your income after retirement and how your health looks like, we will be able to out a solid plan in place to make sure you get a comfortable retirement.

Find Out the Best Way to Save for Your Retirement

It might be as simple as contributing 8% instead of 3% to your KiwiSaver account or you may need to start making some big changes. Also look at your type of investments. High risk, low risk, which? There is so much to take into account and it depends on how old you are and how much you have saved already. Whatever you do, make sure you act now and start retirement planning while you still have options available to you.

“Sam and his A-team we’re amazing to deal with every step of the way making something potentially painful a breeze! Thanks again Sam and team, you are amazing.”

Dan H and Family

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