Realising Dreams: What I Have Learned

My journey to where I am now – my name branded across my brand new website – began in very humble circumstances in Sri Lanka. Born to parents who were not part of the privileged set of society, I learned early on that achieving even the basic necessities required dedication and hard work. Putting food on the table when violence is regularly erupting in the streets is no mean feat.

The world of finance in which I came to inhabit may seem in many ways far removed from my childhood. But my early days taught me some valuable lessons when it comes to money which, when applied to planning your own healthy financial future, can reap great rewards.

Know Where Your Money Goes
It’s not how much you earn that counts – it’s what you do with it. Is it spent on items that quickly lose their value? Don’t last or are not essential? Or is it going towards something that can lead to an increase in future earning ability or wealth? The same applies to your time. Are you spending enough time on tasks that will bring you future rewards?

Self-Control is an Art Best Learned Quickly
When you start from a position of not much, any little increase can give you an over-inflated sense of being “rich”. That, in turn can lead to spending sprees and unwise spending choices (see the point above!!).

As tempting as it may be to get carried away with any new-found wealth, slow down and consider your options before doing anything. There is a reason why lotto winners are advised to put their winnings in the bank for a few months first.

Protect What You’ve Got
It’s gutting to lose everything and it can happen easier than you would believe. An accident, redundancy, illness, flood, or storm – you name it – things happen which can undo your hard work. If you can protect it, take steps to do so with adequate insurance.

Dare to Believe
This is probably the most important lesson I learned – dare to believe. No matter where you come from or what your circumstances are, if you dare to believe and take meaningful action to turn your dreams into reality, anything is possible. Life may throw up many obstacles (in my case University closures and civil war) but perseverance can get you through.