What Are The Real Benefits Of Health Cover?
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One of the primary reasons people choose to take out health cover is to skip past the public waiting lists and jump to the front of the queue for treatment.  The benefit of this when facing chronic illness or injury is worth its weight in gold, however there is so much more to health cover than just queue jumping.

In return for investing in health cover, you can receive free or subsidised specialist consultations, testing and diagnostics, surgery and treatments as well as improved access to medications. Naturally, the terms of availability differ between providers and contracts signed, as do the financial caps but overall the benefits are significant.

A substantial reduction in financial stress, both in terms of paying medical bills and time off work, is another key benefit of having health insurance. Whilst the public system should be commended for funding free public surgeries, waiting list periods for non-urgent surgeries can last for months if not years. For those in chronic pain and in need of surgeries like knee and ankle replacements (which are considered to be non-urgent), the wait can be torturous. As mentioned above, a key benefit of health insurance is the ability to jump the queue, however the financial benefit is just as significant. If an individual were to pay for an elective surgery for a total knee replacement, they would be looking at a bill of approximately $23,000, however with many health insurance schemes, their personal bill would likely be one tenth of that, if not their standard excess alone and nothing more.

Other key benefits of taking out health cover include; a wider range of choice in treatments and medical care providers; as well as medical pre-screening on a regular basis for diseases such as breast cancer, melanoma and prostate cancer.

The benefits of health cover vary from provider to provider, but for most schemes the benefits far out weight the costs. Take a look at our recent blog post on What to keep in mind when buying health insurance, for more need to know information on the topic. Alternatively get in touch with us via our website to discuss what healthcare package would work well for you and your family.