Planning for the future
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Planning for the future

In my life I have had the privilege to travel to many different landscapes and cultures, and enjoy the rich tapestry that “community” is. On my journeys, one of the many things I find fascinating is how people and communities accept and adapt to change.

There is the “head in the sand” approach. The past is revered as a golden age and any departures will surely lead to turmoil.

Then there is the “dipping the toe in the water” approach. Everyone can see, and even accepts, that the river is changing – but no one wants to dive in without testing the waters first. More information please!

Finally, the full on “bungy jump off a cliff approach”. Fearless and carefree with no thought to possible danger. It’s probably not surprising that as a financial planner I don’t ascribe to either the head in the sand or bungy jumping approaches! But, as I often get asked, how can you plan for what lies ahead when you can’t see where the road is going?

The starting point in any financial journey is to determine your goal(s). What do you want to achieve? Of course, the “head in the sand” sort of person won’t even get that far – why think about the future? The bungy jumper has already lept into action looking for the quick fix and rapid rewards. However, all too often the bungy jumper leaps so quickly they forget to attach the cord and …. you get the picture! But the “water tester” considers all the current conditions, makes reasoned predictions as to what is coming next, and plans accordingly. This is followed up with an honest evaluation of progress, making adjustments as necessary to keep on course.

In truth, you cannot see exactly where the road is going but you can make pretty good predictions on where your current path it is likely to lead. And this is where expert help is so valuable – you may not have the information you need to determine if you are on the right road, but an expert does. Advice from an authorised financial advisor can help ensure your course is in alignment with your goal(s) – and if not, will help you change course and plan for those changes.

So, do you have any idea where the road you are travelling on is likely to lead? If not, maybe it’s time to find out.

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