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Build the healthy financial life you want with Attentive, Transparent & Strategic financial planning & investment advice.

“The power to change your life lies in the simplest of steps”
Steve Maraboli

The Six Steps to the Healthy

Financial Life You Want

The key to building the healthy financial life you want is planning. So why do only 28% of New Zealanders do it? It’s not that we don’t want financial stability now and in the future, or to provide for and protect our family and business interests – because we do.

In truth, thinking about finances can be challenging. It requires some deep-level thinking about your desired lifestyle, what is really important to you, and what you want to achieve. And then there is your partner, family and business (if any) to consider. In short, there is a lot to think about!

But too little time, lack of knowledge (where do I start? what should I do?) or concern over whether you’re making the right choice from a wide range of options, can often result in inaction.

The good news is that at Sam Kodi we know how you can quickly gain control of your finances and maximise your wealth growing opportunities. With our comprehensive and strategic financial planning, advice, wealth management and on-going support, we help you live comfortably and confidently now and in the future.

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Sam and his A-team we’re amazing to deal with every step of the way making something potentially painful a breeze! Thanks again Sam and team, you are amazing.

Dan Hesson, The Hesson Family Trust

With Sam and his super team, it is not all about the business. If you are looking to secure your financial future, then you will not regret giving Sam and his team a call and setting up an appointment.

Shohan Wimalaratne

It is with a large amount of trust and faith that we go to Sam as our number one Financial Adviser. His ability to understand our needs and share our vision of growth makes him an approachable financial adviser who we can rely on

N & Y Wickremasinghe

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