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Service Costs

The fees we charge (if any) depend on the type of service provided. We offer flexible options to suit where you are at on your financial journey and what you want to achieve.


Financial & Retirement Planning

Got big dreams for the future but not sure how to get there?

Financial planning is all about clarifying your goals and then creating a strategy to make it happen.

Our financial planning service takes an in-depth look at where you are currently, where you want to go, and creates a customised plan for you to follow that will get you there. We will not try to sell you any financial products (e.g. insurances or mortgages) and you are free to take your plan with you – you are not tied to us.

We charge an hourly rate for this service but guarantee it will not cost more than $2,500 plus GST no matter how long it takes us or how complex. It may cost less of course, but you will know that before we start.


The financial brokers role is all about researching the market and finding the right solutions and financial products to fit your needs. Often clients just want us to find them the right solution to their immediate need.  But it may also be that your financial plan requires you to do any of the following:

  • Arrange loans and mortgage finance
  • Get personal insurances cover (e.g. life, health, trauma, income protection, mortgage protection, critical illness) or business protection cover.
  • Join KiwiSaver or change your KiwiSaver provider
  • Invest in managed funds

Our brokerage service costs range from no charge to you to a maximum of $2,500 plus GST depending on the type of brokerage service required and other factors. For full details, please view our Disclosure Statement.

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory service assumes that you already have a financial plan in place but need to take a close look at what you’re doing and whether it is still fit for purpose.

As goals and life circumstances change, it’s important to keep your financial plan up-to-date and relevant.

We will advise you if any changes are required and make appropriate recommendations.

This service is charged at an hourly rate which is capped at $2,500 plus GST.

For full details, please view our Disclosure Statement.



How We Work?

Below is a high level overview of what we do. As we make sure to provide personalised services and one that is tailored fit for you, some additional steps may be done in between.

 Initial Consultation

We need to understand your dreams and goals. What is your WHY?  You need to feel comfortable that we are the right fit for you.

Strategy & Planning

Once we understand where you want to go and your current  financial situation, it’s time to create the game-plan. This is the stage where we create the HOW.

Plan Implementation

The best game-plan in the world will achieve nothing without action. This stage is all about doing the DO and putting your plan and strategies to work.

Ongoing Reviews

Every plan needs a reality check from time to time. When a lot can change, we regularly review your progress and ADJUST your game-plan if necessary.

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No matter where you are on your financial journey, we can help you achieve your goals faster and stronger. Get in touch today to start building the healthy financial life you want.