Our Approach
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“When you find your WHY, you find a way to make it happen”

Eric Thomas


Every client has different goals, needs and aspirations, and although the reason for reaching out to us may have a seemingly narrow focus (e.g. getting a mortgage to buy a house), the underlying motivations always speak to bigger things. I’m looking to buy property because I want to…

  • Provide a secure and stable home for my children
  • Be comfortable in my retirement
  • Relive childhood holiday memories
  • Have a place I can entertain my family and friends
  • Live in a space that reflects me and who I am

This is why a holistic approach to financial wellbeing is required. Without understanding your “WHY”, the wrong pathway or financial products could easily be applied to your situation.

A Process That Delivers

Every plan we create together is based on your “WHY”, as that makes clear your plan purpose and destination. Then we consider every aspect of your financial life and seek to optimise the Six Financial Elements and ensure that each part works together cohesively.

The Six Financial Elements

In order for a plant to survive and thrive it needs protection from conditions that don’t suit it, attacks from bugs & diseases, and adverse weather events. In order to grow well it needs sun, feeding, water and care.

Fundamentally, your personal financial plan is no different. It’s all about protection and growth .


We do a stocktake of all sources of your wealth and identify the risks to those sources. We then examine the consequences of nasty stuff happening – how much would it set you back? Finally, we create tailored solutions to protect you from those nasties.


We explore all your debts. Are they of the right type and structure to help your wealth grow? Then we look at your options for passive income to give you more choice in the way you live. Finally, we explore the investment options that will best make your wealth grow and deliver the future you want.

How We Work

Below is a high level overview of what we do. As we make sure to provide personalised services and one that is tailored fit for you, some additional steps may be done in between.

 Initial Consultation

We need to understand your dreams and goals. What is your WHY?  You need to feel comfortable that we are the right fit for you.

Strategy & Planning

Once we understand where you want to go and your current  financial situation, it’s time to create the game-plan. This is the stage where we create the HOW.

Plan Implementation

The best game-plan in the world will achieve nothing without action. This stage is all about doing the DO and putting your plan and strategies to work.

Ongoing Reviews

Every plan needs a reality check from time to time. When a lot can change, we regularly review your progress and ADJUST your game-plan if necessary.


“My wife and I met Sam a few days ago to discuss our financial plans. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in what we need based on our circumstances and preferences.”

Niranjan P