KiwiSaver Scheme

KiwiSaver Scheme

It is so important to choose the right scheme provider. How do you choose the right one? If you do not choose one, IRD will allocate you to a default provider, but it is simple enough to change it later although the provider may charge you a fee for changing.

You can conduct research into each provider and make decisions based upon their past performance of their funds and the types of investments they make. If you are not confident and do not really know what you are looking for, then give Sam Kodi a call.

Sam Kodi will be able to help you join KiwiSaver, select the right fund and determine the best level of contributions to reach your goals. He will also be able to help you assess the performance of your investment and assist you to make changes if necessary.

Additional Materials

Click the images below to get a copy of each KiwiSaver provider materials. This should include:

  • Statement of Investment Policy
  • Responsible Investment Policy
  • Risk Profile Questionnaire
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