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Choosing the right General Insurance is all about making sure things are covered, because we all want to protect the stuff we own.

After all, you never know when the unexpected may happen. A thief may help themselves to your new laptop, a flood may damage your flatscreen TV, or you could accidentally spill paint on your new carpet.

But we all have different amounts of possessions, different budgets, different living situations and different attitudes to risk! So it’s good to know that we can give you various options to choose from which means you can choose how you want to be covered.

We can help you find a provider that specialises in House, Car & Contents insurance for people who want the personal service of an adviser, combined with a quick and easy digital application process to be able to quote and issue your policy in a matter of minutes. Our referral partners can tailor your insurance to meet your individual needs, provide competitive quotes along with market leading policy wordings.

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NOTE: This information is NOT intended as advice. For further information as to how this affects you, please contact your Financial Adviser. This is an online service that allows you to quickly request a quote from a provider that we have a referral arrangement with for your General Insurance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accidental Damage vs Gradual Damage
Insurance policies are designed to provide cover for damage that occurs suddenly, unexpectedly, and is unintentional or accidental.

Gradual damage is typically excluded from insurance cover. One of the most common forms of gradual damage in the home is gradual water damage.

As gradual damage or deterioration isn’t covered and some insurers felt it was unfair to the consumer , it was brought back in via the policy coverage and is typically limited to a max per claim or per insurance year.

Hidden gradual damage needs to be non-visible, and must be caused by water leaking from an internal tank, water pipe or waste disposal pipe.

Some insurers coverage differ with broader definitions, so make sure you check your policy wording.

What’s the difference between market value and replacement value - contents?
Market value is the value of an item immediately before any loss or damage occurs, taking into account wear and tear and depreciation as appropriate, or reasonable second-hand value. Replacement value means the cost of reinstatement or replacement without deduction for depreciation or wear and tear.
Is my sum insured for home, contents and inclusive of GST or exclusive?
Different insurance companies vary on this point – some include GST, some don’t. So it’s important to read your policy document carefully to determine your situation.
Do I need to specify my spectacles, dentures or hearing aids on my contents policy?
Spectacles, dentures and hearing aids are automatically covered within the sum insured of your contents policy. If you chose an optional benefit or the policy automatically extends to cover these items without an excess, then you don’t need to worry.

Basis of settlement may differ under different contents policies. Please check your policy wording.

Do I need to Name Drivers on my vehicle policy?
Information about the age, gender and experience of the driver may affect the policy’s cover or terms. If you do not tell your insurer and you later have to make a claim, they may accept the claim with different terms – or not at all.

That said, to avoid a policy is the insurers legal right, it is a harsh step and the decision to name drivers is entirely a risk management decision for the client to make.

On one hand any driver under 25 who is named might add premium, but naming them could reduce the excess when making a claim.

Conversely, if they don’t name them and the full cover policy has no age exclusion, then there is usually an unnamed driver excess on top of the standard, but the premium would generally rate off the age of the youngest driver.

I just purchased a new vehicle for my son/daughter to use, can I insure it under my name?
Yes, you can if you’re the registered owner of the vehicle. Your child should be listed as a driver.

However, if you’ve gifted the car to them or bought it for them and the intention is for them to register it under their name then the policy must be insured under their name only, as you must have an insurable interest in the risk i.e. you can only insure what you legally own.

Insurers are concerned about the risk they are agreeing to provide cover for. The duty to disclose things which change the risk adversely or increase the likelihood of a claim is legally required. Most policies exclude them, or are bought back when the insurer asks “has the vehicle been altered in any way from the manufacturer’s specifications”.

While it’s a catch all question, most insurers are looking for increased theft, performance or cost to repair indicators such as but not limited to:
– Mags
– Custom paint jobs
– Stereo systems worth more than $1,000, or
– Modified suspension

It’s important these be disclosed so there is both cover and no issues at claims time.

For more information on industry FAQ’s, feel free to check out the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) and the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) websites for more info.

When it comes to protecting your wealth, knowing that you have the right insurance cover and legal protections for your needs goes a long way towards feeling confident about your finances and future. We help you look at the big picture so that how you choose to protect your assets is in harmony with your overall financial plan. So, if you wish to:

  • Achieve financial stability both now and in the future,
  • Provide for and protect your family
  • Protect your business and your interest in it, and
  • Be confident about your finances

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