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Financial Planning Made Easy in 6 Simple Steps

Financial Planning sounds complicated because the planning industry makes it sound complicated, but really it is just about tackling everything to do with keeping you and your money safe and growing. 

So it is “comprehensive” rather than complicated… it covers a lot of areas that touch upon how you live, where you live, how you keep your family safe and grow an estate that can support you when you are ready to retire. 

In this comprehensive guide we show and tell what financial planning is, and what aspects you might want to know more about and use.  You are sure to learn something that will help you get into a stronger financial position, with our compliments!

Buy Your Next Home in New Zealand with Confidence

Buying a home in New Zealand? Has there even been a hotter topic than this in the last year or two?  So many questions, and so many considerations… from what is needed in order to be able to buy a home (and how you might be able to put a deposit together faster) through to owning it as fast as possible… and then maybe using the equity (or money invested) in your own home to build further wealth and security. 

We’ve included practical tips on how to make sure you get the best deal you can from lenders, and how to position yourself as a really attractive borrower for them. This is a subject you just cannot learn enough about, but this is a great starter for anyone interested in buying, owning or investing in residential real estate in NZ. With our compliments.

Easy Investing with Managed Funds, Make Your Money Work for You

Investment funds have been in the news a lot because they include KiwiSaver amongst other things.  And there are lots of choices in managers, and styles, and structure of the funds… and it is tough for people to work out whether using managed funds makes more sense for them than (say) putting money into a deposit account at the bank. 

Sometimes for some people that is exactly the right thing to do, but often it isn’t if they wanted their savings to grow as fast as possible without doing anything silly.

We break down the mystery and confusion in this guide to help you figure out whether some investment choices in this area are right for you or not. With our compliments!

    Personal Insurance, A Guide to Health Wealth and Life Cover

     Not sure what sort of insurance makes sense for you at what stage of life? Or even what the different types of insurance are that you might need to think about?

    This complimentary 15-page eBook written for NZ consumers tells you what you need to know… right down to how to work out for yourself what you might need.

    You are guaranteed to get something out of the 14 tips we have provided here together with the easy to understand explanations.

    With our compliments!

    Book Your No Obligation Complimentary Assessment

    Getting financial planning assistance is fantastic for short term and long term financial freedom, and can be the voice of experience you need to start off with good intentions – and the ability to back those intentions with actions that create results. By engaging an expert financial adviser you will save yourself the time and energy of sifting through a lot of advice, some of it potentially contradictory.