“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Henry Ford

Business Growth

For many small businesses in NZ, the goal isn’t to create a business empire but to build a long-term manageable asset which will:

  1. Support you and your family to live the life you want, and
  2. Provide for your retirement – either through selling the business for a capital sum when the time is right, or with the ongoing passive income that you expect your business will generate.

As an integral part of your overall personal wealth, your business plays a significant role in contributing to and creating the lifestyle you want. There is a lot riding on getting it right.

Succession Planning

It’s a fact that you cannot run your business forever. At some point you will either want (or need) to sell your business or hand the reins over to someone else. Recent research has found that approximately 75% of New Zealand business owners expect to sell their businesses in order to fund their retirement – this is despite nearly half of them having no exit plan in place and nearly a third believing their business wouldn’t survive without them.

We understand that the thought of stepping aside is often wrought with emotion. This can lead to procrastination and poor decision-making. However, a well thought out exit strategy will ease the transition (and your mind) and is essential if you want to:

  • Have control over the process
  • Get the best sale price for your business
  • Achieve the standard of living you want for your retirement
  • Give your business the best chance of continuing success under new management/ownership

How Can We Help?

Successful succession planning involves long term thinking and a three stage process:

  1. Forming an exit strategy
  2. Getting your business ready for sale
  3. Selling your business

As your personal wealth is dependent upon your business, we work with you to create an exit strategy designed to help you feel confident, in control and aligned with your financial goals.

Transitioning owners out of a business often involves accounting, valuation, business strategy, negotiation, counselling and legal advice. No single professional can adequately manage it all. That’s why we have developed a network of other specialist professional advisers we feel confident about referring you to as required.

    Business Planning & Strategy

    Many small businesses start off with a formal business plan, but over time that plan becomes outdated and forgotten. “Doing the do” takes over and before you know it, you’re spending all your time working “in” your business with no time or thought left over for working “on” your business. This can seriously affect the long term value of your business.

    If you’re serious about growing your business – whether in size, profitability or value – a strategic plan is essential. Loyalist* are New Zealand’s leaders in customer-centric business strategy for SMEs and can help you create and implement a customer-centric strategic plan designed to:

    • Develop trusting and satisfying relationships with your customers
    • Create sustainable competitive advantage
    • Increase the long term financial value of your business
    • Get your business ready for sale.

    Loyalist adopts a holistic approach to business strategy ensuring your products/ services, operations, brand, technology and culture are aligned to the current and future needs of your high value customers.

    Ask us about customer-centric business planning and strategy with Loyalist.

    Cash Flow Management & Business Loans

    There are lots of reasons why a business may need additional financial support ranging from cash flow management to working capital, business expansion and growth.  When you need that support in a hurry, normal banking channels may prove frustratingly slow.

    Prospa* provide small business loans from $5,000 to $150,000 with terms from 3 months to 24 months. Funds may be used for any business purpose (not personal), and no security is required to access up to $100K.

    Prospa also promises a quick same-day response to your application with funds available within 24 hours (if approved).

    As fees, interest and other charges are payable, we recommend you read the terms and conditions of any loan offer carefully and to speak with your accountant for further advice if you are still unsure.

      Business Seminar

      Sam Kodi is pleased to present the Protect your Business – Protect your Wealth’ Seminar. During this one hour seminar you will:

      • Develop a greater understanding of the key Human Capital Risks you face.
      • Gain an insight into what the real financial impact would be for you so you can better assess the level of risk you face.
      • Become aware of how Sam Kodi can work with you to put strategies in place to manage your exposures.

        Places are strictly limited, so be quick to secure your seat! 

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