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“A good business is like a strong castle with a deep moat around it. I want sharks in the moat. I want it untouchable.”
Warren Buffett

Business Protection

New Zealand is a country built on the shoulders of small businesses – 97% of NZ enterprises have fewer than 20 employees with 70% having no employees at all! If you are “it” when it comes to your business, there can be a lot at stake if something happens to you. Your inability to work could seriously impact your business and your personal lifestyle.

Common Business Impacts

Revenue: You probably wear a lot of hats to make sure your business earns money – sales, marketing, finance, operations, systems management, customer relations etc. Finding someone who can do all that at short notice is often impossible. And if you stop…. your income drops (or stops) too.
Expenses: Your fixed expenses aren’t necessarily going to drop at the same time as your revenue and you might even find the business incurs some new costs as you try to ‘hold it together’ while you recover. How are you going to pay your expenses if your business revenue is drying up?
Relationships & Contracts: You’re not a faceless corporate brand – your clients have chosen to work with you personally. If you can no longer provide what they need, they may choose to go elsewhere. Some may never come back. Even if you get back to work, it’s likely it will take time to get your revenue back up to what it once was.
Personal Wealth: If your personal assets are providing security for your business debts, these assets may be at risk. And those personal guarantees you gave while never expecting to have to worry about them? – they can also come back to hurt you financially.
Family & Lifestyle: Chances are your business is where a big part of your personal income comes from. Your personal living expenses won’t magically disappear, so you and your family may have to adjust to a very different standard of living.

The stakes may be even higher if your business involves more people than just you. Staff, business partners, and other shareholders come with additional responsibilities and consequences. How long do you think your business could survive without you, your business partner or a staff member you are reliant on?

The Solution

Protecting your business (and your personal wealth) starts with creating an effective Business Protection Plan which solves three key issues:

How do you keep your business running if something happens to you or someone essential to the success of your business?
How do you protect the income you generate through your business so you can maintain your current lifestyle?
What is the best way to wind your business down (if required) and deal with any creditors and debts so that your own assets are protected?

There are a wide range of business protection options available – each with their own focus – so it pays to get advice up-front to ensure your business is covered in the areas it needs to be.

Your business is also unique, so your Business Protection Plan won’t look like anyone else’s. That is why at Sam Kodi we take the time to understand what your business (and personal) goals and objectives are. We then work with you to identify the risks you face so the right protections can be put in place.

If your personal wealth is closely connected to the health of you and your business, it’s time to make sure you have an effective plan in place should the worst happen. We invite you to take the first step in protecting your business by calling us today.


“ We have dealt with a few financial advisers in the past and Sam Kodi is the first to have given any thought as to how our insurances integrate with our lifestyle, business and overall financial goals. Sam looked at the whole picture and secured for us the right business and personal insurances to meet our needs. ”

G Peters

As someone who has been in the financial services industry I can appreciate a true caring professional – and Sam is one. He operates his business as a professional should but never loses sight of the main purpose – to protect his clients. He knows his products and builds his relationships to last. I have the utmost respect for this man.

Bill James

NSANZ Speaker of the Year. Sales for introverts and non-salespeople.