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As you will be aware, New Zealand is moving to a Level Four Covid-19 response from 11:59pm today (Wednesday 25 March).

Insurance is considered an essential service and Asteron Life will continue to operate throughout the government-imposed restriction period. Our people are well equipped to continue to operate during the four-week shut-down period, although we have some important updates below on some process changes.   

All teams working from home
Asteron Life is well equipped to work remotely, with many team members already working flexibly on a regular basis. We recently took the precaution of increasing this capability, which means most of our people are now working from home. This includes our front-line Claims, Sales and Service, Distribution and Underwriting teams.

Our teams are continuing to process claims, enquiries and underwriting requests. You may experience delays as we transition to our new way of working. Like all of New Zealand, we are experiencing some issues with calls connecting properly due to heavy traffic on mobile networks as more businesses work from home. You may experience a delay of up to 10 seconds as your call is connecting but please hold to enable the team to answer your enquiry. We appreciate your patience and understanding as teams transition into full remote working and assure you they are committed to responding to your requests in a timely and professional manner. 

What this means for Claims
While we are continuing to process claims as usual, there will be a different way of working for some aspects. We remain committed to ensuring customers are supported during this time. The health and safety of customers, partners, and our team remains our number one priority.

We are working with our providers on their availability to provide continued rehabilitation and assessment services via video conference. For some providers this won’t be possible, such as physiotherapy and exercise physicians, but where our providers are able, we will continue to support our customers with their recoveries. This may mean some customers in the middle of rehabilitation programs may need to put these on hold.

Redundancy Cover
Due to the unknown economic impacts of Covid-19 on New Zealand, Asteron Life is currently unable to prudently assess the risk of redundancy benefit applications. We have considered all approaches to keep this benefit available for your clients, but can no longer offer redundancy cover to any new business nor add any increases to existing benefits.

This change is effective immediately and includes any benefits that are in the process of being underwritten. We will review our position in due course as the situation becomes clearer. There is no impact to existing redundancy benefits held by your clients. These benefits are available to be claimed on by anyone who is made redundant as a result of Covid-19, where all cover conditions are met. 

Options for customers
Please note that Asteron Life has the following options available for customers who have changing financial circumstances.  

Options under Lump Sum Covers include

  • Premium Holiday

  • Premium freeze

  • A mixture of stepped and level premiums

  • Restructuring Trauma cover

Options under Disability Income Covers:

  • Premium and cover suspension

There are some limitations on cover associated with some benefits, for example, no claim can be made at any time for a condition which first arises while there is a premium and cover suspension in place.

Our policy wordings include other options such as Family Assist, Dependant Relative and Overseas Assist and others, which customers may find useful at this time. If your circumstances fall outside the above options, please talk to your Adviser about how we can help. 


Get in touch

This situation is unprecedented. We would like to thank you for your patience as we continue to work through what this means for Asteron Life and our customers.


In these uncertain times you may have questions about the coverage of your policy. Asteron Life is well prepared to respond to Coronavirus / COVID-19 and to continue providing insurance services. As the situation evolves, we will share updates.

Asteron Life’s life insurance covers (including life, trauma, Total and permanent disability and Income protection type covers) insure customers for death or disability that results from injury or illness. This would include Coronavirus / COVID-19, which we would treat the same as any other illness.

There are no specific exclusions related to Coronavirus / COVID-19. If you need to make a claim related to Coronavirus / COVID-19 you would follow the same process as with other types of claim, including meeting the eligibility requirements and any special terms and conditions relating to your cover.

Answers to some common customer questions

If you have other questions, we’re here for you.


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Our teams are currently working from home to ensure we can respond to our customers. You may experience a delay of up to 10 seconds as your call is connecting but please hold to enable us to answer your enquiry.


Last Updated 25 March 2020