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To best support clients through these difficult times brought by COVID-19, the Policy Owner(s) are able to request suspension of cover on their Risk or Medical policies by providing the following: 

  • A completed AIA Premium Suspension Form or a written request signed by all policy owners confirming how long they want to suspend their premiums and cover for. Note, confirmation from all policy owners can also be received via phone, email (using an existing email that we have on file) if signatures are unable to be organised from all policy owners.
  • Requesting either (a) to suspend the whole policy, (b) to suspend specific benefits, or (c) to suspend a specific life assured.
  • Policies can be suspended for either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months up to a maximum of 12 months. 

For employed clients, they also require:

  • Evidence of redundancy or evidence of leave without pay, such as a letter from your employer.

For self-employed clients, they also require:

  • Evidence of being self-employed and having a 30% decline in revenue by comparing one month’s revenue against the same month for the previous year; OR
  • Evidence of lump sum payment from the Government support scheme into your bank account.


You will not be able to claim for any claim events that occur during the period that the policy(ies)/benefit(s) are suspended and the suspension period cannot be reduced once it has been set.


Last updated on 06 April 2020