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  New Zealand resides at the bottom of the planet as a mostly unknown and insignificant player in world economics. Our political decisions barely cause a ripple in international circles (our best effort was probably banning nukes from NZ ports in 1984 and in the grand scheme of things this was no more hurtful to […]

Realising Dreams: What I Have Learned

My journey to where I am now – my name branded across my brand new website samkodi.co.nz – began in very humble circumstances in Sri Lanka. Born to parents who were not part of the privileged set of society, I learned early on that achieving even the basic necessities required dedication and hard work. Putting […]

Confused about KiwiSaver? Who isn’t!

KiwiSaver has been around for quite some time now – since 1 July 2007 in fact. And before it was officially launched, there was plenty to be said about it in the media. Yet despite the passage of time, and the many articles to be read about it, confusion about KiwiSaver continues unabated. Research conducted for Kiwi Wealth, the […]

Planning for the future

In my life I have had the privilege to travel to many different landscapes and cultures, and enjoy the rich tapestry that “community” is. On my journeys, one of the many things I find fascinating is how people and communities accept and adapt to change. There is the “head in the sand” approach. The past is revered as […]