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What Impact Will Increased Housing Costs Have on my Home Loan?

With housing costs increasing rapidly in reaction to high demand and undersupply, the impact on home loans is split three ways pretty equally. The first – and possibly hardest hit demographic – are new home buyers. Those looking at buying their first home will likely feel the impact at its most raw level. The problem […]

Money Savvy: Food Waste

The impact of food waste directly on our pockets comes from so many angles – the rising cost of food production, rates increases to cover the cost of rubbish collection and disposal (nearly all household rubbish is either food, or food packaging), not to mention the huge impact on the environment! Yet all too often […]

Equity or Income? Which is more important when seeking a loan?

In a fluctuating market it can be difficult to decide whether to cash in on your equity (maybe upgrade your home or take that long dreamed for holiday) or leave it well alone! This is a decision made even more difficult by the fact that lenders no longer value equity as highly as they did […]

Will a Home Loan Kill My Financial Freedom?

In a time where the cost of living is increasing significantly faster than our pay rises can keep up with, many ‘average’ New Zealanders are faced with fears that a home loan will cripple their finances. They worry that their ability to enjoy the lifestyle our beautiful country has on offer will be all but […]

The Perils of Cashbacks, Free TV’s & other Home Loan Enticements

Being a mortgage provider is no longer exclusive to big banks. The number of relatively new and accredited lenders has grown to meet the bulging housing demands, and with this expanded territory comes fierce competition. Everyone loves freebies, especially when they are used as sweeteners for big purchases. We’ve all seen the adverts, we’ve all […]

Is Your Financial Adviser Acting in Your Best Interests?

Financial advisers’ actions can make or break you financially. Good advice can set you up for a comfortable life and retirement. Bad advice can lead to financial ruin. But without waiting for the consequences, how do you know if the advice you have received falls into the “good” category? Recently there has been increased media […]

Money Savvy

  The best things in life are not necessarily shiny and new – think of the gorgeous patina on an antique chest, the rustic character of a beloved chair and the complex flavour of an aged bottle of wine. So why do we feel the need to spend so much of our hard-earned money on […]

Insurable Risk

  During your working life (i.e. between the ages of 18 to 65) there are some serious things you don’t want, or expect, to happen – death, disability, serious illness. Unfortunately, should any of these occur, it can have a severe impact on your, and your family’s, financial health.  So how likely is it that […]