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All You Need to Know About KiwiSaver

Planning your financial future is important. However, it can be tedious to go over your options as not all of them are exciting. This is where KiwiSaver comes into the picture. Though KiwiSaver might not be the most highly touted or glamorous option for ensuring financial security, it can prove an effective tool. To make […]

Better Together: New Alliances & Team Members for Sam Kodi

The strength of any business is the quality of its people.  Outstanding service and care doesn’t just happen.  It takes a dedicated team committed working together to deliver the best. At Sam Kodi, excellence, high ethical standards and exemplary client service is central to everything we do. My personal pursuit of these goals has recently […]

What has the OCR got to do with me?

In August, the Reserve Bank announced that the Official Cash Rate (OCR) would be lowered from 2.25% to 2%. Markets are also predicting a further cut in November.  While the cut in August was expected, there were mixed reactions to the news – whether it was good or bad news depends on perspective! What is […]

Winter is Over! How much did it cost you?

When the temperature drops and the days become shorter, power bills tend to soar. It’s not just heating our homes that causes the rapid rise in power payouts – there’s the added cost of using clothes driers, an extended need for lighting, more hours spent indoors meaning longer hours spent  wrapped up in front of […]

Stop the Bills, I Can’t Work!

It’s a fact of life that most people live from pay cheque to pay cheque. Not many have cash reserves capable of seeing them through a significant period of time off work. So what happens to your debts (mortgage, credit card and other loans) and everyday living expenses if you are unable to work? This […]

Negotiating your home loan? Don’t be sheepish!

When you consider not only the value of your home loan, but the added cost of all the interest that gets piled on top of it, taking the time to find the right home loan is time invested wisely. When it comes to bargaining and negotiating, we Kiwi’s can be a little similar to our […]

The #1 Mortgage Dilemma: To Fix or Float?

While an affordable home loan used to be considered no more than twice the annual household income, limited housing availability, higher property values, and increasing debt limits have driven that level up to an average home loan value of four times the annual household income. Add interest – even at the current low rates – […]