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What Happens If I Don’t Select A KiwiSaver Provider?

There are many KiwiSaver providers in the market and you have the ability to change your provider at any time. But what happens if you don’t select a KiwiSaver provider? If you have been automatically enrolled into KiwiSaver through your employer, you have been allocated to a default fund through your employers chosen provider. Default […]

What is Income Protection & Do I Need It?

Your ability to earn an income is generally your greatest asset – have you protected it? Imagine you suffered a illness that required an extended amount of time away from work. Would your family survive without your income? Could you continue paying the bills? How long would your emergency savings last? In times like these, […]

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Insurance

Insurance is not a simple product. With so many options out there, how do you know you are making the right choice? We have listed below the five most common mistakes people make when purchasing insurance.   1. Only Considering Price Whilst price can be an important factor when purchasing insurance, it is certainly not the […]

KiwiSaver – Make Sure You Get Your $521

Last year over half of the adults who had KiwiSaver did not contribute or did not contribute enough to their savings to receive the $521.43 government tax credit – this means over $300 million is being left on the table every year. [infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_1 display=inline] [/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]   Who can get the tax credit? If you are […]

Refixing – Are You Being Kept In The Loop When It Comes To Your Mortgage?

When your mortgage fixed rates are coming up for renewal you want to make sure you lock in the best possible rate at the time to avoid paying unnecessarily high fees. From our experience, quite a few of our clients find renegotiating and fixing mortgage rates both stressful and confusing, particularly in the current property bubble […]

What Are The Real Benefits Of Health Cover?

One of the primary reasons people choose to take out health cover is to skip past the public waiting lists and jump to the front of the queue for treatment.  The benefit of this when facing chronic illness or injury is worth its weight in gold, however there is so much more to health cover than […]

New Financial Year – New You?

As the new financial year is off to a roaring start, now is the ideal time to get your finances in order, whether that’s building an investment portfolio, paying off your debts or setting up a savings scheme. Regardless of your stage in life there are practical, realistic resolutions you can make to better your financial […]

Reaching Your Financial Goals

Every person has certain goals that he/she wants to meet. Some people want to buy a home, while others want to purchase a car. Some pragmatic people want to save up sufficient money so they can live comfortably after retirement. Now, while financial goals may vary from person to person, there is the risk that […]